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Security Grilles - Simple but Effective

Window and door security grilles are not just a deterrent they look good and are simple to maintain and use, yet offer the ultimate protection against burglars. Alarms are no longer sufficient deterrents, but a property protected by an alarm and security grills is another matter.

When an alarm goes off they are rarely responded to or quite often just completely ignored. Double glazing can be easily smashed or panels popped and represents no real defence against intruders. A security grille has major security, safety and appearance advantages over other types of physical security like roller shutters and fixed bars and grilles.

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Advantages on Security

Installed inside the window - the intruder has to risk detection by breaking glass before tackling the security grille. Externally fitted roller shutters or grilles can be removed first. Fixed close behind the window frame - restricts intruder access to the grille. Fixed in all four corners to form a continuous frame - for added security against forced entry.


Advantages on Practicality and Safety

Lets in light allowing a clear view outside even when the security grille is fully drawn. Windows and doors can be open when the grille is drawn and locked. No ongoing contracts or maintenance costs just an easy sliding action. No electric motors to breakdown and repair. Can be quickly opened in an emergency, unlike fixed grilles or bars.

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